About Us

Penn Stater Magazine Article

Stomping Grounds Management was formed in 2007 as a property management business focused on project management for homes and land in hard-to-reach places.  Dave Lettero, owner and general contractor, has a decade of experience caring for out-of-the-way unique properties.  His history dates back to 2002 and graduate studies at Penn State where he lived off-the-grid researching low-impact living including growing a whole diet, generating renewable energy and building with sustainable materials.  Dave’s home was a 144 sq. ft. yurt made of hand-felled and milled white pine powered by wind and solar energy.  Dave brings his history and sustainability ethics to Stomping Grounds management and always strives to tread light on the earth and on customers’ wallets.




Currently Managed Coast Range Cabin

Dave brings his years of research in off-grid living to Stomping Grounds Management as well as time spent in the energy management field.  These skills all come in handy managing cabins on 40 acres deep in the coast range.  Services such as home energy assessments and recommendations can reduce utility costs, and you can rest easy knowing remodels are backed with years of experience in construction projects. Dave is a jack of all trades and ready to put his unique skill take set to work on our property.

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